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Revolutionising Document Management for Maritime with AI Search

Discover the future of Document Management with Shipnet's Documents SE with AI Search: intelligent search, secure storage, and effortless retrieval.

We're all used to searching for information online, but what about the documents and information that aren't just a click away? What about your own facts and files? The ones buried in folders or scattered across different devices and shared workspaces? It's a hassle, and sometimes you wish you could just "Google" it.

"It's like having your own personalised search engine for your documents"

Enter Shipnet's Documents SE and our new web app, equipped with intelligent search capabilities that put an end to document management woes. Imagine being able to simply upload your documents, have them scanned, verified, and securely stored, and then ask a question just like you would on Google.

That's the power of AI search.

Get in touch today to see how your organisation can benefit from AI powered document management

  • AI powered search - pull content from your uploaded documents
  • Security first - set permissions for document access
  • Contextualised results - with easy-to-understand answers
  • Centralised document storage - essential for remote access

Let's take a look at how that might work

You have a question about the company policy on bribery and want to send out a memo to your fleet ...

Type your question ...

ai search 0001

Get the answers and links to your documents ...

ai search 0002

AI Assisted content, ready to use ...

ai search 0003

It's really that simple ... just ask for a demo today to find out more.

Reasons why you should be thinking about document management

Managing your documents across your business, with multiple locations and a range of systems can be a challenge, and users can become frustrated spending too long searching for the right documents, while employers are unable to audit for changes and end-user engagement.

Tag and track your documents

With Documents SE you can avoid this with its unique way of tagging documents with key topics such as ISM, or ISPS that filter the content to simplify the searching process for the end user. The system stores documents, and allows users to search, preview, and edit directly within the application, avoiding multiple versions being created. All revisions are automatically tracked so that users don’t need to highlight any updates made.

Manage employee KPIs and security

Track employees’ (including seafarers) engagement with your communications and measure KPIs, as you can ensure updates are read on time. Remote access via the portal allows seafarers on leave access to policies and acknowledge documents before they step on a vessel saving time and avoiding costly delays. The security of sensitive content can be controlled by setting permission for users access to view and edit documents.

Simplify the daily routine

Ensure consistency with your brand and messaging with pre-prepared document templates for different kinds of documents e.g. circulars, policies, safety flashes, etc. Keep users informed and ensure tasks are completed on time with automatic alerts in-app and over email, making sure documents are read, and approvals are complete and tracked at all times.

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